Why Participate in This Campaign?


Save babies’ lives.


According to their own annual report, Planned Parenthood received more than $363 million in government funding in 2009 alone. During that time, they performed an unprecedented 324,008 abortions. Abortion in America is a billion dollar business, not a charity. If taxpayer funding of abortion ends, abortions will decrease. Tens (and possibly hundreds) of thousands of babies’ lives will be saved.


Bills such as HR 3, HR 217, and HR 358 have been introduced in Congress to end taxpayer-funded abortions. Their successful passage depends on public support, and garnering that public support is what this campaign is about.


Educate the public.


This campaign provides an exceptional opportunity to educate a receptive public on the flagrant disregard the abortion trade has for patient safety and the law. The House of Horrors in Philadelphia and numerous sting operations conducted against Planned Parenthood attest to both.


Signature gathering is accompanied by information on why abortion funding needs to end. Bulletin inserts succinctly convey this information to church attendees, information can be printed on the back of petition forms, and the Internet is used extensively. The truth about abortion funding bypasses media bias, blackout, and abortion lies.


Strengthen a Culture of Life


Public funding for elective abortions was never part of the infamous Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion on demand, up to term, in all 50 states. Through legalized abortion, America has instituted an unprecedented national policy of shedding innocent blood. Through public funding of legal abortions, America has made its taxpayers complicit in shedding innocent blood, and scripture clearly tells us God detests shedding innocent blood (Proverbs 6: 16-17). Now is the time to extricate ourselves from this abomination.


Petitioning our legislators to end abortion funding promotes representative government. It influences government to reaffirm and reflect the inalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness granted to all persons by their Creator. It is the legitimate duty of all citizens; pastors and laymen included.


Build Your Organization.


Your pro-life/pro-family organization can benefit directly from this effort. Unlike a petition to qualify an initiative, signers of this petition may legally be contacted to increase your organization and strengthen its influence on rebuilding a culture of life in America. Whether your organization is national or local, it can play a vital role in ending abortion funding while increasing its membership and community visibility.


You are invited to join this Campaign to End Abortion Funding.